Overcome Babylon
Overcome Babylon
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Look, Here's the Cold Hard truth... We've been lied to!
Governments around the world have conspired against us. From our youth, we have been told that we need plenty of protein from meat, and make sure we get calcium from milk, and don’t forget to eat those highly processed grains for your carbs... 

But these recommendations are being pushed by money-hungry marketers, powerful lobbyists, and special interest groups!
The truth is that nobody has ever died from a protein deficiency in a third world country, but you know what they DID die of? 

A lack of nourishment. 

Nutrient deficiencies lead to disease. And there is nothing more nourishing in the entire world than... plant foods
 This is exactly what Dr. T. Collin Campbell uncovered in his bombshell work The China Study -- the largest and most comprehensive study EVER conducted in the field of nutrition and biochemistry.

A whole foods, plant based diet is (and always has been since the ancient times of the Bible) the secret to a long, healthy life.
Just imagine for a moment if you could wake up in the morning feeling the same incredible energy you had when you were a kid...

Imagine being able to wake up each day never having to worry about inflammation, chronic pain, brain fog, fatigue, so called "genetic" problems like heart disease--you name it...
 What Dr. Campbell found using the best science available is that nutrition is the single biggest factor that causes disease by a huge and wide margin!

You no longer have to feel like you were dealt a bad genetic hand OR that you picked the wrong parents...
 That's right.

You can now take full authority over your health by combining the ancient wisdom that God gave us in His Word along with a whole foods, plant based diet.

It's truly that simple.

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***This is NOT your ordinary recipe book*** 

My wife and I put together this holistic living guide after battling through our own health struggles for many years and figuring out some gems of wisdom along the way.

We spent countless hours and thousands of dollars at doctor's offices to figure out some of the secrets of this book. I'm not exaggerating.

All of our best-kept secrets, favorite recipes and holistic living advice is laid out in over 100 pages of ultra important health and wellness information...

In this free book, peel back the curtain and reveal...
  • How to incorporate a whole foods, plant based diet with both cooked and raw vegan recipes that you will absolutely love (and so will the rest of the family). From plant based milks to entrees and desserts--we have you covered. Pizza, anyone?
  • ​Why you want to eat MORE (and not less) in order balance hormones and feel amazing.
  • How to listen to your body and finally figure out once and for all if you are eating "enough" calories, macros and micros.
  • How to become a plant-based chef in record time with delicious substitutes for milk, eggs, butter and other animal products without compromising on flavor.
  • Extremely effective ways to use superfoods and cleanse the body daily, including juicing tips, delicious smoothie recipes, oil-pulling techniques for natural dental care, and MORE...
  • The secrets to getting all of the nutrition you need WITHOUT having to rely on expensive supplements. We unpack some common misconceptions, such as: Do oxalates give you kidney stones? Do plant goitrogens destroy your thyroid? Does soy give you man boobs? What are phytoestrogens? And much more. If you are unfamiliar with some of these terms, don't worry about it. Just eat more whole plant foods and you'll do well. 
There's a lot more that we cover in this book, and we should honestly be charging for it... 

But we truly want to you see you on an accelerated path towards health and wellness, especially with how unstable our world is these days... 

The more you take care of your health right here, right now, the better you will be able to handle what is coming next. The time to prepare is now!
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